Какой породы собаку вы хотите?

Which breed dog do you want?

Most dog breeds were bred to meet the needs of man and his way of life. Looking back at the history of various dog breeds, you will see that they were designed to have the following abilities:

  • Herding sheep or pulling sleighs
  • to be a good companion for family
  • helping hunters find and capture prey
  • demonstration of beauty, and other innate qualities

With the help of dog training can be modified to their specific qualities. However, a much easier and more pleasant to choose a dog from existing species that will fit under your particular way of life. The next 10-15 years of your life will be more interesting, if you choose for themselves the right breed of dog.

Selecting breeds of dogs may not be easy. Now the world there are about 400 dog breeds. And they are getting bigger. Each breed of dog invented by man and for man in order to create the perfect pet. 80% of today's rock 130 years ago did not exist. A huge leap occurred almost instantaneously. People change this animal so that it serves them or just look good. On a variety of sizes and models of behavior the dog is superior to any other species on the planet. As comic hero, the dog is able to mutate rapidly in just a few generations. People make them faster fierce and loyal.

Dog (Canis famili aris) - one type, but it seems a lot. The greatest variety of sizes, shapes and temperaments. And that - not by chance. It did - we. Odyssey of length 15 000 years. From wolf to dog fighting and huge tiny fashion accessory. People copied the evolution of the dog with the help of selection and ambitions. Attempts to correct the person using aggressive dog breeding have become the longest trial in the history of eugenics. Eugenics - the desire to bring the form to perfection.

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Каждому владельцу собаки хочется, чтобы его четвероногий питомец был активным, здоровым и красивым. Но как этого добиться?

амстафф описание породы

For quite a long time Amstaff considered dangerous breed that needs to be kept away from children. I want to object to this statement because he owns several representatives of this breed. Amstaff is not just a dog, which is easy to care for and do not need to bathe after a long walk in the nature, but also very reliable and a good companion.

Russian spaniel

Absence racks for low dog running in tall grass or dense bush, not a disadvantage, and dignity, according to experts - breeders Russian Spaniel.

Russian spaniel

Before feed the Russian spaniel, many experienced breeders write off from the internet, and diet menus and the number of servings by weight up to grams.

Russian spaniel foto
Russian spaniel

Russian Spaniel, as well as other hunting dogs, can get sick infectious diseases: leptospirosis and mycosis, toxoplasmosis and piroplasmosis, demodex and sarcoptic mange, intestinal parasitic disea

стрижка ньюфаундленда


Grooming You will need:

Newfoundland foto

The best-studied disease pedigree Newfoundland - is hip dysplasia and subaortic stenosis (heart disease).

Newfoundland foto

After a long period when it was considered correct only feeding Newfoundland finished feed is the time when serious breeders understand that such a diet, though makes life easier for owners and fee

курцхаар описание породы

Hunt, I started to get involved in 1997, received a membership card of the NGO "BOOR." At first it was hunting ducks. Then - countless wanderings over the vast fields in search of hares.

рацион питания курцхаара

Feeding Kurzhaar has its own characteristics and it is due to the fact that it is - a hunting dog, and all the representatives of the hunting breeds, it is very energetic and active.