Каждому владельцу собаки хочется, чтобы его четвероногий питомец был активным, здоровым и красивым. Но как этого добиться? Если животному дают витамины и сбалансированный корм, то со здоровьем у домашнего любимца будет все в порядке. Но что насчет потрясающего внешнего вида? Ответ на этот вопрос прост – груминг! Груминг – это комплекс гигиенических процедур (чистка ушей, обрезка когтей, стрижка волосяного покрова и прочие), направленных на поддержание ухоженного вида собаки. Остановимся на двух главных процедурах – стрижке и уходу за когтями.
Стрижка собак

амстафф описание породы

For quite a long time Amstaff considered dangerous breed that needs to be kept away from children. I want to object to this statement because he owns several representatives of this breed. Amstaff is not just a dog, which is easy to care for and do not need to bathe after a long walk in the nature, but also very reliable and a good companion.

Russian spaniel

Absence racks for low dog running in tall grass or dense bush, not a disadvantage, and dignity, according to experts - breeders Russian Spaniel.

They explain this by saying that so the dog does not spend time on the painting stand, but is almost instant pasture lurking game and raise it by a shot.

On hunting Russian spaniel he feels in his element

Russian spaniel

Before feed the Russian spaniel, many experienced breeders write off from the internet, and diet menus and the number of servings by weight up to grams. It is necessary to take into account the fact that the dogs of the same size or the same species have their own metabolism. Therefore, eating the same amount of food, some spaniels too fattening, others - do not get the desired weight or are normal.

Russian spaniel foto
Russian spaniel

Russian Spaniel, as well as other hunting dogs, can get sick infectious diseases: leptospirosis and mycosis, toxoplasmosis and piroplasmosis, demodex and sarcoptic mange, intestinal parasitic diseases and non-communicable diseases: otitis (inflammation of the ear), food allergies, obesity, obstruction of the anal glands and pyometra (bitches ).

стрижка ньюфаундленда


Grooming You will need:

  • shampoo
  • air conditioning
  • dry towels
  • hand dryer
  • table
  • wool for cleaning ears
  • milling pliers for nails
  • metal comb
  • soft metal brush for wool
  • straight scissors
  • thinning scissors (one blade with sharp teeth) №46
  • thin out the comb for trimming (we'll use it for other purposes)

Before cutting the dog should be washed, dried and carefully combed.


Newfoundland foto

The best-studied disease pedigree Newfoundland - is hip dysplasia and subaortic stenosis (heart disease). The first is able to significantly reduce the quality of your pet's life, and in severe cases may need surgery. The second disease - the cause of early death of your dog, the cause exception of producers from the kennel breeding program. Responsible breeders show their puppies at the age of 2-3 months, a cardiologist, to exclude the possibility of selling a sick puppy. Re-examination is recommended at the age of about eighteen months.

Newfoundland foto

After a long period when it was considered correct only feeding Newfoundland finished feed is the time when serious breeders understand that such a diet, though makes life easier for owners and feeds feed manufacturers, but can not be considered the best for your dog.

курцхаар описание породы

Hunt, I started to get involved in 1997, received a membership card of the NGO "BOOR." At first it was hunting ducks. Then - countless wanderings over the vast fields in search of hares.

Along the way, he came across in the period mnogchislennaya partridge. For tracing of animals and birds, as well as for feeding bat game soon I got a dog. It was a German hunting terrier - breed, working on the ground, under the ground and in the water. After 9 years of my four-legged friend is gone, and hunting was no longer fun.

рацион питания курцхаара

Feeding Kurzhaar has its own characteristics and it is due to the fact that it is - a hunting dog, and all the representatives of the hunting breeds, it is very energetic and active.

If you buy a puppy from a breeder sensible, it must give you a detailed answer to the question "What to feed Kurzhaar and how to do it right"? The efficiency and overall health depends on the quality of food and the regime. In different periods of life of the dog food must meet certain age requirements Kurzhaar.

Feeding Kurzhaar natural food

какие бывают болезни у собак курцхаар

Kurzhaar diseases most commonly associated with genetic defects that have arisen as a result of cross-breeding of animals - carriers of disease genes. In general, by itself it is a very healthy breed, as many generations were chosen for crossing the most healthy and strong dogs with muscular and joint health. However, interbreeding of closely related lines or random errors breeders can lead to the birth of sick pets.

Genetic diseases kurtshaar: symptoms and prognosis

Dachshund foto

The fee applies to allergenic dog breeds. Taxi owners often have to ask for what they have pet allergies. The problem with this disease is the difficulty associated with identifying the allergen.

Dachshund foto

In life fees are the following periods:

Dachshund foto

Dachshunds - active dogs, full of vitality. Therefore doubly sad to see how a couple of hours ago, running and jumping dachshund lies motionless. Unfortunately, that taxi owners often ask questions in the forums and veterinarians about why taxes have refused legs and how to help her.

Reasons for refusal paws fees

Cane Corso foto
Cane Corso

Cane Corso or Corsican dog - a very active animal, ready to move a lot. And if such a need dog is satisfied, for the health and good shape it needs proper feeding.

What to feed the puppy and adult Cane Corso dog? How to do it correctly and that it is impossible to give an animal? This will be discussed in this article. The choice of diet for each dog is determined by the terms of its content, the age and health condition.