Training bullmastiff

бульмастиф характеристика



First of all, it should be noted that you can train any dog, let alone such as bullmastiff, be sure to train.

And it is here in the first place on a course of obedience. Such a huge dog with a potential aggression can be extremely dangerous. Therefore, the owner orders it must carry out unquestioningly.

The content of such a dog in an apartment house is always fraught with difficulties: some of the residents do not like dogs at all, and they are looking for a case to express their negative attitude; some of them are just afraid of dogs, but even more so, as you have; someone is afraid for their children, knowing that your dog can they, at least, to scare, etc. You have to be diplomatic and friendly neighbor.

But in order to make it easier to do it - vydressiruyte your dog! And many questions will disappear by themselves.

Bullmastiffs are trained well and quickly. They are very intelligent and easy to grasp the essence of the problem, which puts the owner in front of them. Under repeated demands they quickly memorize commands and execute them flawlessly. Some stubbornness can be expressed in the fact that a dog prefers, for example, do not go near, but slightly behind a host that does not meet the rules.

Maybe a few unwanted puppy playfulness and curiosity at the first stage will distract him from command on the court. But all this can be overcome, and be overcome with little effort. In one of his TV interviews famous tamer Irina Bugrimova said that the process of working with predators (lions and tigers) is to incessant "psychic attack" on them. So, with the Bullmastiff is simply not necessary. These dogs are very quickly try to understand exactly what the owner wants, and execute it. Of course, wanting to get his praise and a treat.

How to write the handbook on dog breeds, bullmastiff already one menacing look scare off potential enemy. In many cases this is true, but sometimes there are opponents that the large size of the dog and the awesome view is not very much and scare. Therefore bullmastiff is to train the program and guard dog.

In other words, your Bullmastiff is obliged to protect you. Moreover, he should be able to protect you are very technical, skillful, safely and without fear, no matter what the opponent in front of him. All this is achieved by training, which should be constructed taking into account the internal capacity breed bullmastiff. There is another kind of training, which definitely need to mention that most likely will have to expose your pet. This exhibition training bullmastiff. Engage on this course you will also be on site with a professional trainer or handler, who, perhaps, has its own approach to this training.

In essence, all that is required of the dogs - is the ability to move back and forth around the ring or in the direction of a judge, usually trot. After that, the dog must firmly stand still in front of the exhibition to the expert could examine it carefully. Frankly, it should be noted that there are no perfect dogs. Do any of them have any, they should at least minimal, disadvantages. And the task of training and exhibition Exhibition Handling (ability to stand, to show the dog) just lies in the fact that these disadvantages as possible to hide, and dignity to present as clearly as possible.

Without the participation in exhibitions (and without a win for them) your dog for breeding not be allowed. So let's start with the requirements of the experts to show dogs. The dog must comply fully with the expert in the ring, to give yourself to explore (even palpate), which is unacceptable for almost any good guard dog. So, it will also need to train your dog.

The dog must confidently and effectively move in the ring firmly and stand still in front of the exhibition, allowing the expert as much as possible to examine it and make a correct and qualitative description. In addition, the dog must be trained in the procedure of inspection of the oral cavity.

As a rule, experts prefer to do it the owner or handler. And not just because the dog can not tolerate this from a stranger, and also because some of the dogs may be sick and the judge can infect dogs of all member states.

Exhibition training

To begin the exhibition training is necessary as soon as possible. And, incidentally, it is best to do it again on the training field. From early childhood the future exhibitors should get used to an unfamiliar place or environment.

At exhibitions because the noise is incredible: the cries of the speaker, camera flashes, the infinite and chaotic movement of hundreds of dogs and their owners, crowds, etc. etc. And exhibitors should absolutely remain indifferent to all this.

Before embarking on the preparation of the exhibition of dogs, it is necessary to test the temperament of a puppy. Bold, playful puppy to prepare quite easily, as you will only need to direct his energy in the right direction. If the puppy is hesitant and cautious, it should be as soon as possible to familiarize with the environment: a walk in unfamiliar places, to drive the puppy where there is a lot of people, dogs with a lot of sounds, noises, etc. Usually, it helps.

Observing the work of a professional handler in the ring, you can learn a lot, but it is of little use if you do not sharpen their own skills and abilities of your pet. So, for example, without knowing the real advantages and disadvantages of your dog, you'll hide first, and emphasize the latter?

If your dog, for example, sagging (or, as the dog handlers - botched) back, you should put it in the exhibition stand and press slightly on his stomach - back straighten. If the dog is too close in traffic converge legs, then you need to pick up the pace of movement, in which the lack of the least noticeable. And so on and so forth.
Bullmastiff - breed, easily amenable to different types of training and eagerly working on the training field. Do not be lazy to engage with his dog, and it certainly will justify itself.