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Information and History

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Animal lovers and breeders assure that Alyansky malamute can be kept at home, and even be used for rides. It turns out that this excellent breed of Arctic people previously used to transport passengers and cargo. But the animals were called by other names - "northern or snow trains".

The dog got its name due to its ability, endurance and strength, and the tribe in western Alaska.

Few people know that the Alaskan Malamute is not afraid of snow, winter and severe frosts. He knows how heavily laden sleds in no time to carry for several kilometers. On this particular know people from ancient times, but loved the dog more for good-natured character, and then for its ability to survive and strength. The dog loves to chat, sometimes stubborn and imagine, to show others and the owners of the mind. Stubbornness and power, love and devotion show puppies from birth.

Despite the fact that the Alaskan Malamute sometimes likes to lead the animals and even human beings, he takes excellent job responsibilities. He loves to work and perform physical activities because they consider vital. He is able to really be friends, but it does not tolerate obedient and does not like to obey.

Externally, it looks like a little Malamute Siberian Husky. But the common features in the exterior finishes. Husky does not have the stamina and can not long haul loads. It has a docile nature, so sometimes acts as a sled dog and readily harnessed to the sled. Husky often won prizes in the race, but never dragging for a long time over several kilometers of gravity. Husky live on less than malamutes. From them, they move slowly and the tendency to shirk any hard work.

Malamutes - large sled dogs, they have strong muscles and bones, have high endurance in the harsh cold conditions. During warmer months, the dog feel less comfortable, if you do not get a good special care. I must say that requires meticulous care thick hair and thick undercoat.

In suitable conditions, the dog slowly run tirelessly all day long, as if the ancient inhabitants of a tribe on the shores of Alaska. The name of the breed was due Malamute. Historians assure us that these people lived in peace and love to work. The first ancestors of present-day animals differ thick hair and a great power. They were in ancient times, people watching is good. In return, livestock served them faithfully, ran into the sled and transporting hard loads.

This wonderful breed has started to develop in the "gold rush" in the beginning of the last century. In Alaska, it began to pay much attention to the numerous gold seekers. Dogs helped them quickly get to your destination, look for gold and even save lives. On the miraculous salvation can be read many true stories, to find the facts in the stories of American writers and see movies.

Unfortunately, miners retaliated dogs not good, as it should be, and evil. They tried to cross malamute with various breeds of dogs, to get the individual with the necessary qualities. Gold miners wanted a fast and hardy breed. However, numerous experiments instead of the positive results led to a reduction purebred Malamutes. Chasing gold left several litters.

It is essential to increase the population of purebred Malamutes people succeeded in 1926. After the gold rush community turned his attention to the sport. The Americans at this time interested in sledding races. So do not feel sorry funds and time to restore the breed in its original form.

They are perfectly coped with the task, made malamute most pure, and then began to use in the race. As believed that only pure-bred animals will bring victory in the race for sledding. Since 1926, after an increase in the population of this breed dog lovers begin to breed purebred Alaskan Malamutes. Since 1935, in the open special clubs and even create standards.

But after the Second World War people are once again engaged in breeding purebred Malamutes. Since the tragic events led to the fact that in the world there are only 30 purebred individuals. Dogs have died from lack of food and disappeared through the fault of detractors. Many forwarders investigated Artico, used dogs for their own purposes, then get rid of them in different ways.

In 1947, the year after the war ended, people began again to restore the breed malamutes. To do this, they put a lot of money and effort. Increase the population by 1960. If breeders have not taken action, Alaskan Malamute could disappear. But fortunately, this did not happen.

In the 70s there were animals in European countries. A few years ago, Americans chose this breed of dog as a symbol of the United States. Today it is the most popular breed, and even ranks 18th among thirty popular dogs. Modern malamute can be kept at home, and even be used for rides and carriage of goods. He knows how to really make friends, to love, but it does not tolerate obedient and does not like to obey. These character traits and habits necessary to consider the future owners, before getting a dog.

Breed standard

Стандарт породы: 

At the moment there are 2 main types of Alaskan Malamute:

M'Lut - typical for this type of the most diverse color from black and gray to blue and white;
Kotzebue - representatives of this type should be painted entirely in "wolf" color.

The difference in the physical plane, is that malamutes M'Lut - a stronger, larger in size, agile and aggressive dogs, rather than representatives of Kotzebue. Many breeders and dog breeders are active debate about which of these species must be considered by this malamute. But it should be noted that the standard of the breed was not written by the people, and the very nature and history.

General Standard: basic characteristics

Alaskan Malamute is a very powerful, strong, mobile, sled dogs. She folded tightly, her chest deep, but the body is compact enough. The body is covered with thick hair stiff and dense, but soft undercoat.

The height of males - 60 to 63 cm in females - from 57 to 59 cm. The average weight - from 35 to 38 kg.

The head should be broad, powerful, reflect the presence of intelligence. Despite the large size, it is proportional to the body. Muzzle and bulk, but, in any case, not elongated or pointed. Malamute Ears are triangular, erect and graceful. They are set wide and slightly rounded at the tips.

Jaws must be powerful, teeth - big, sharp, frightening. Lips tight. Scissor bite. Eyes Malamute should have almond-shaped, they are small and hazel colored, set a little obliquely.

Nose must be painted black, except for the red Malamutes: their nose may be brown.

The neck is strong and slightly curved, which gives the Malamute additional grace and become. Chest very deep and wide. It gives them growth and articles. The back should be straight and muscular and strong loin. As for the tail of the dog, he should fervently curl and at rest proudly climb over the back.

Wool malamute - is its main distinguishing feature. It's northern breed, so nature has designed a tough outer coat base, which is hidden under the thick, soft undercoat. For better heat and "water resistance" hair Malamute always slightly oily.

Color is allowed from light gray wolf, to black and white and even blue.

Limbs Alaskan malamute flat and parallel to each other. Paws powerful, like a bear. Features a powerful bone and muscular. The most important defect and lack of eyes are blue.

Life expectancy

Dog breed Alaskan Malamute live an average of 12 to 15 years

The number of pups per litter

In Alaskan Malamute, usually born in a litter of puppies 5-6



The Malamute is a very friendly and kind dog. She really likes to attract attention. Therefore, this breed of dog is perfect for families with small children there. Alaskan Malamute will be a good nanny for children, and to participate with them and other family members in active games.

Although malamutes are treated with great affection to their loved ones and are firmly and securely attached to their owners, they are, in spite of this will always require human attention. This breed of dog is a gregarious animal, which certainly need to be kept in the family, be it a person or a dog. In any case Malamute does not tolerate long loneliness or content indoors. In the case of this dog isolation is no longer possible to be sure that she will experience you love and respect.

It should be noted that the Malamute, unlike other dogs will be tied to its owner for life. However, if you undermine the credibility of the Alaskan malamute - lose respect for him or insult, it can switch its own interests on the other person. It is impossible to say that this act will be a betrayal on the part of the dog, it's just talking about the mind and great obstinacy, because of what malamutes just bored some repetitive actions. In other words, if you ask the dog every day to bring you a newspaper or slippers, malamute it can be perceived as a lack of respect, and remember this for a long time.

Based on this feature, malamute should be raised from the small age. Therefore, not having the necessary experience and skills to communicate with a given breed, the newcomer will carry out the error, which will be unforgivable in communication and education during the Alaskan malamute.

Because of the stubbornness malamute, it is quite difficult to cultivate and produce his training. However, an interesting fact is that due to its excellent intelligence and curiosity, these dogs can remember the first time all the teams. They can immediately execute the command, however, no more than several times. After that, from the constant boring action, they get tired and lose all interest for the entire profession-sional training and education.

It should be understood that even if you will be amazed by the size and malamute and want to buy it as a safe defender of your home, you can make a mistake. Despite the large size, strong bones and strong legs, Malamute may never use this arsenal, which rewarded his nature. This is due primarily to the natural kindness and friendliness Alaskan Malamute. This co-tank will never show aggression to the stranger, if you do not see it as a potential threat to himself or his master. For those who will come to your home and guests will be treated with Malamute hospitality and kindness, not alluding to any aggression. The only factor that can be unpleasant and scare guests of your home - a serious dimensions malamute.

However, there are some dogs of this breed, which, due to non-professional education of any particular psychological trauma, may be just out of control and turned into quite an aggressive animal. Veterinarians and experienced dog handlers do not recommend to buy puppies that have such bad inclinations. But if you still have this puppy lives in your home, you should resort to certain actions that will avoid aggression directly to the family members themselves. However, if no actions lead to positive results, the dog should be given to highly qualified specialists.

Care and maintenance

Although the Alaskan Malamute is quite noble and beautiful dog, she, however, requires careful and special care.

As for swimming, you get this dog out of the water is not so easy, she loves swimming. Since malamute thick and beautiful coat, water treatments in the hot season he just vital. However, there are some features which must be taken into consideration. It is possible to omit the following advice and, if you are not particularly important, "exhibit" your pet's appearance.

In this case we deal with the coat color of the dog, as well as some of the nuances in the bath of dark and white spots of different shampoos and detergents. Mainly, this is due to the fact that white wool always visually is more dirty than the darker spots. Improper shampoo, can also reduce the gloss and depth of color.

The most important is a thorough rinsing shampoo from the dog's coat residues. Malamute after these procedures should be well dried. Otherwise, it may slide dog fur and disease. This drying may be necessary if the order of one hour, since it is necessary not only dry, but also often comb "unruly" thick coat. During molting assistance will also need your four-footed friend. As with the other dogs at the Malamute, this process is carried out in autumn and spring. At this time, you need every day carefully comb out the main wool undercoat. Otherwise, the dog will form large mats, and the house will be a lot of dog down.

The Malamute has a very sharp and long claws and therefore they must be periodically grind or shear. dog's eyes should be cleaned at least once a week and clean the ears once a month. It should also closely monitor the discharge from the nose of a dog.

If we look at the conditions of detention malamute, it should be noted that these dogs love to dig holes. Even if the dog kept in the apartment, it will try to dig the ground. Is it more natural instinct, and not fun. We should not forget that a native Alaskan Malamute in the snow, where this breed of dogs is their food under the snow, you want to dig up. Unlearning the habit malamute is almost impossible, and therefore it is desirable to keep the dog on a suburban area or country.

Apartment Malamute still not suitable because this dog is very lively, active and freedom-loving. Alaskan Malamute and limited space are absolutely incompatible things. However, the main reason due to which the members of this wonderful breed should not be kept in an apartment - it's size. The Malamute is not on a whim will destroy everything in the apartment, and occupy too much space.

Training and education

Дрессировка и воспитание: 

If you are going to train and educate the Alaskan malamute, you must know that this breed of dog differ stubbornness and a desire to dominate. Before embarking on her education, it should be in order to bring success to get the job done with patience, and do not be afraid to numerous difficulties.

The Malamute is, in fact, a great mix of enthusiasm and energy. This dog is very inquisitive and quickly grasps everything. It is with great pleasure to fulfill all your commands, as long as it does not bother her. It was at this point that you must become a leader, but it does not go too far. On the Malamute should not press, knowing his independent temperament.

Never forget that the Malamute is a fairly large dog. Therefore, when the puppy is still quite small it is not necessary to constantly arrange themselves on a couch or bed. If improperly training malamute he can oust you from your own couch, as to shove a huge dog will be quite difficult.

Malamute dog is a gregarious and therefore it needs a leader. the owner should be to her for this dog is not only a friend, but also a leader - otherwise Malamute take the reins into their own hands. To be a leader for this dog and a leader, you need to show respect to the Malamute and secure his confidence.

This breed of dog is very intellectually developed and capable of constantly thinking. They themselves assess the situation and decide to obey them or not. That is why the behavior of the dog must be constantly monitored. From the mind can not lose even a small infraction.

There is a certain guarantee of success, which will allow the dog owner to rein in its stubbornness and temper - this exercise and work. These dogs work is as necessary as water or food. To be happy with all of his four-footed friend loading should work, but to participate in it as well, and should master. These loads and work can be walking, active games in the ball or hike to a picnic where the Alaskan Malamute can help carry water or food.