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Information and History

Общие данные и История породы: 

It is believed that the Earth only about 400 dog breeds. The American Bulldog is considered one of the most unique. It's not that these little dogs. These dogs were able to save almost unchanged and its exterior, and behavioral characteristics. The closest relative - the British Bulldog.

Note that the breed is versatile enough. Bulldogs - excellent guards, either the landlord or his property. Further, many of the Bulldogs successfully employed in the police investigation of the specialty dog. With additional training Bulldogs - excellent hunters, especially on fox and wild boar.

Nature does not hurt the American bulldog. He generously gifted with a powerful and fit body, it is hardy and agile. Fans of other species seem superfluous so many adjectives, but these dogs is difficult to praise. When choosing a dog, a beginner rarely immediately stop us this breed. Do you know why? There are some in the shape of a bulldog pride, confidence, self-esteem. But looking more closely, the future owner does not doubt that it was his dog. Decent choice! Let your guests and friends are not offended by the cold shoulder from your friend, they just do not know what his heart, love, attention already given to you and all your family. Is that - something special in every dog, especially for its owner. It is unlikely that you had to listen to negative feedback from someone who once decided for myself that after all the "dog - man's best friend." Not surprisingly, this breed is the American bulldog is very popular. The great Leo Tolstoy did not escape the charm of this dog. The writer, being a connoisseur of the dog tribe, emphasized loyalty pet, his beauty, intelligence. Dog writer with conventional wisdom yard nickname Bulka was the character of several works of the "third Russian books to read." It is significant that Tolstoy was a young officer when he lived Bulka and stories have appeared many years later - so deeply sunk into the soul of a black dog with paws white as snow, his endless devotion, courage, and courage, tragic death. We see cost Bulka so long and faithful memory! Our famous contemporaries know a lot about the American Bulldog. For example, Alexander Rosenbaum in memory of his Lucky attached white bulldog figurine to a guitar strap. V. Livanov, M.Aronova, Brad Pitt, Reese Witherspoon and many more "votes" for the American Bulldog, chose him his dog. Despite the rather menacing look, the American buldog- the perfect companion for your children. So, Jacques, who is almost a family member Brad Pitt, gets along great with all the kids.

Let us all the same in the 18th century. Dogs who have overcome a sea voyage, have not been fully American. At the same time similar to the sophistication of the British relatives, too, it was minimal. Imagine a rather tall dog with an elongated snout. She was perfectly composed, hard-working, extremely patient, swift and brave. Here are the qualities and required the dog, when there were so many enemies. Bulldogs power and fighting skills were able to win the championship, among other species, they simply had no competitors, they are irreplaceable. Good luck to the owner of this devotional assistant. By the way, the cost of the best dogs was very high.

The changed life gradually shifted the emphasis in the characterization of a bulldog. In addition, measures for crossing with other breeds brought his change in his appearance. Although farmers continued to be engaged in only by the Bulldogs, who managed to prove themselves as worthy. Exterior little worried farmers in those days. As the owner, the dog has to be a special character and will, have to survive and win.

The 20th century changed this situation. The first dog vernissage attracted to American bulldog great interest and breeders, breeders and spectators. Nature has won the first prize, demonstrating the amazed public bulldog is a harmonious blend of strength and powerful, physical beauty and perfect working order, and service characteristics. Breeders have relied on the breed - and no mistake. Dogs eagerly bought on all continents and, surprisingly, even in the UK. Although what is surprising: the British have always understood in our smaller brothers.

This breed is closely studied and became professionals and amateurs. It turned out that the great quality of the American bulldog, learning, commitment and very much in demand in the power department. A service that "both dangerous and difficult", needs a dog, showing himself the smartest, who knows how to obey, consistent, patient, strong, confident in their abilities and capabilities.

In our country, the American Bulldog appeared less than half a century ago. "Dashing 90" did preamble especially popular. Today there are more than 40 thousand. And the number is increasing.

Breed standard

Стандарт породы: 

American Bulldog - athletic, temperamental and alert dog. Strong and powerful compact body. Males stocky and powerful in the bone, bitches - more subtle.

A certain distrust of the people and the desire of superiority toward other dogs is allowed. Meanwhile, the American Bulldog should not be unduly fearful and timid or very aggressive towards people or be overly aggressive towards dogs. Because of its distinctive appearance and mental characteristics, American bulldog undoubtedly be a companion and working dog. American Bulldog should never be confused with the entirely different from his species, such as am.staffordshirsky Terrier and the American Pit Bull Terrier.

Note judge ABNA held responsible to evaluate the stability of temperament on a par with the appearance of the dog. Dogs showing enough stable temperament, should be removed from the exhibition.

The requirement ABNA, to official recognition of two different types of American Bulldog Standard and Classic were evaluated separately.

ABNA has decided to identify these two types previously referred to as The classic type of standard Johnson and earlier - Scott, this was in no way not because of the lack of respect to the names of people who have made a huge treasure in the preservation of the breed. This was done in order to move away from personal staff and develop the fact that there are a lot of great breeders of this breed.

Overall dimensions:

Males - increase from 22 to 28 inches (56 - 71 cm) at the withers. Weight - 70 - 120 pounds (31.5 - 54 kg.)

Females - increase from 20 to 26 inches (51 - 66 cm) at the withers. Weight - 60 - 100 lbs (27 - 45 kg).

The weight must be proportional to the growth and type. The dog must be in good condition is not overfed and do not lean.

Standard Type: looks more lean and athletic.

Classic type: seemingly larger and more massive.

COLOUR: All white or white with different markings. All otenkom brindle, brown, red, yellow. Pure black, black and tan, and \ or any number of mottle not allowed. Mottling - small marks on the ground color (black or reddish-brown), not to be confused with tiger color, with darker blotches which tsfeta create the effect of the bands. Black mask desired.

Coat: Short, less than one inch (2.54 cm). It varies from soft to hard. Long, feathery or curly hair is not permitted.

Head: Should be by relatively large and broad in relation to the size and overall structure of the dog. It should be flat on top, which gives it a kind of square. Between the eyes - the recess (groove) expressing deep stop. The head is well muscled with prominent cheeks. Needless to narrow head is not permitted in both types.

Standard Type: Usually a square-wedge with less pronounced stop and less wrinkles.

Classic type: square-rounded with a pronounced stop and deeper folds.

Eyes: Should be round or almond shape, medium sized, wide-set. The preferred eye color - black and dark brown. Other colors are acceptable. Predpochititelno presence of black pigmentation on eye rims. Strabismus and \ or asymmetry eye dopstimy.

Muzzle: The muzzle should be relatively broad and square. Powerful jaws are well muscled and show great strength. The lips are thick but not pendulous. Preferably black pigmentation edging lips. Needless to narrow muzzle is not allowed in both types.

Standard Type: Muzzle should sostavlyat 30-40% of the total length of the head.

Classic Type: Muzzle should be 25-35% of the total length of the head.

Teeth: Teeth number 42 -44. Preference is given to large teeth. Working dogs should not be penalized for broken teeth. In the case of tooth extraction necessary medical evidence.


Standard type: reverse scissors preferred. Moderate snack, scissor or level bite acceptable.

Classic style: Preferred snack from 6 to 1.3 mm. Direct (pincer) bite is not desirable. Scissor - is not valid.

For both types is not permissible when the dog when the mouth is closed the teeth are visible.

Nose: Preference is given to black color. Red, brown, gray - say. The nose is pink or flesh-colored invalid.

Ears: Should be of medium size and kept drooping forward or rose petals. Cropped ears are acceptable.

Neck: The neck should be very muscular, of medium length. The neck should taper from shoulder to head and be slightly arched.

Shoulders: The shoulders should be well muscled with well wide beveled blades, creating the impression of great strength.

Chest: Should be deep and moderately wide giving the appearance of power and athletic opportunities. The front part should be straight and well balanced. The chest should not be narrow or too wide. Elbows should not be turned out neither in nor out.

Body: Should be compact and umeerenno short and powerful and athletic look. Well balanced. Ribs should be raised, belly moderately tucked up. The body should not be greatly stretched.

Back: Should demonstrate the power, be broad and moderately short, slightly arched in the lumbar region. The back should not be narrow or hollow.

Standard Type: A more straight topline is preferred.

Classic type: More preferably, the upper line is slightly higher at the rear.

Limbs: Should be strong with straight moderately heavy bones. Well muscled. The hindquarters should have sufficient corners and be parallel. At the hindquarters must be neither too strong nor straightened corners. Excessive bochkobrazny or "cow" hocks of hind limbs is invalid.

Back: Should be well balanced, shirokoky with well-defined muscles, but not as wide as the shoulders. The hips should not be narrow, with ill-defined muscles.

TAIL: Low set. Thick at the base and tapering towards the end. In repose should reach to the hock. The docked tail is admitted. The end of the tail should not curl ring.

Feet: Should be of medium size with a tight collected fingers. Lapa should not be disbanded.

Movement: The American Bulldog should move quickly, deftly, powerfully expressed with springy step. When moving all of course to be parallel to the direction of movement. The forelegs are pulled clear and the rear pushing the dog forward. When moving legs should not be too broad to arrange. Crossing when driving back and \ or the forelimbs are not valid.

Standard Type: Elastic more athletic movements

Classic type: permissible rolls gait (a wiggle, wobble while driving the back of the torso).

To participate in the ring are not allowed deaf dogs, dogs - cryptorchids neutered dogs.



The most important trait of the American bulldog, because of which you may experience minor difficulties and problems - this is his superiority over other quadrupeds, especially on dogs. And if bulldog also offer to be in the same house with a dog of the same sex, then just expect trouble. He does not tolerate even a hint of competition and is ready to immediately rush into battle, even if there is no threat.

All this "warms" bulldog stubbornness and unwillingness to compromise. Bulldog is always right! In this regard, he just needs a strong and confident boss. Otherwise, the dog is able to become a master of itself and take "the reins" to his paws. After all, a sense of power in her blood.

Despite his fearsome appearance, the "Americans" very friendly, sociable breed with a cheerful character. They are not averse to frolic with the host or play with young children. If properly educate preamble and learn to "clamp down on" his desire to dominate other animals, then they might as well go on contact and communication with other four-legged pets.

Do not confuse courage with aggression preamble. The distinguishing feature of this dog is also in the fact that it can control yourself and think carefully about the situation. She never rush into battle and do not splash out aggression for no reason. If they feel threatened, it would seem that at this point the dog becomes a cold-blooded, but in fact it is building tactics of behavior and protection. And if the American Bulldog assessed threat, then stop it unlikely. He is intelligent and willful, so all decisions are made, regardless of the wishes of his master.

It is worth noting that due to the extraordinary mind, Bulldog is able to distinguish the degree of threat and false affectedness. In other words, if the dog will guard the property, then distract her cunning maneuvers fail.

And what a pleasure to walk down the street with a preamble. It also plays an important role of his patience, calmness, poise and unusual concentration. The threshold of excitability of the American bulldog maximum, so vain bark at passers-by and he would not make a fuss.

Care and maintenance

The American Bulldog is useful for keeping in the apartment and feel good, if you can pabegat enough to walk. Usually, they are very active in the street, and then quietly indoors.

Because of health problems marked penchant for hip dysplasia. The life expectancy of about 16 years. The breed tends to drool. Caring for the hair is not a problem. Bathe your dog only when necessary. Wool from time to time combing the bristle brush.

For eyes
Wipe eyes or sleeping tea or special lotions to wash away the natural discharge from the eyes every day.

For teeth
Teeth should be cleaned of tartar that cause bad breath. Plaque appears first as a slightly yellow plaque on the teeth, then as a greenish-brown solid education at the root of the tooth. There is usually zadnekorennyh fangs and teeth. Yellow coating can be removed with a fingernail, a special toothpaste is sold in a pet store, seeds of the living and the special bone to remove the stone ("Rusk Dental"). Hardened stone can be removed only a veterinarian under general anesthesia.

Behind the ears
The dog's ears clean as their pollution, but at least 1 time per month cotton wool wrapped around the tweezers and dipped in lotion for cleaning ears, or hydrogen peroxide. If you are afraid of themselves to clean the ears, ask the veterinarian to teach you how to clean the dog's ears.

For skin and hair
Wash the dog entirely with shampoo can be no more than 1 time in 3 months. Just water can wash every day. When washing Try not to get water in the ears. If, nevertheless, it fell into the ear canal, after washing clean it with a dry cotton swab. Combing American Bulldog can be with special gloves, which you can also purchase at a pet store.

For claws
With a good exercise claws themselves abate. If not, use kogterezki. Since the American bulldog dog light color, then your dog is well seen dead, the white part of the nail and live, the pink part, so much difficulty with circumcision not have claws.

For paraanalnymi glands
If your dog is anxious, constantly looking back, gnaws the root of the tail and hip, "riding the pope," then you are likely to say that it clogged paraanalnye cancer. Paraanalnye cancer - two small pouch, located on either side of the anus. When your puppy turns six months, ask your veterinarian to see whether the cancer is not full of secret and not whether they should be released. In general, cancer dogs need to release every six months, and if you see how this procedure does the doctor have decided that you can not do it yourself, then contact every six months to a veterinary specialist. If the cancer does not release regular, then the dog may be very unpleasant disease - abscess that requires treatment.

Treatment of fleas and ticks
To date, there is no better preparation that provides long-lasting protection against fleas and ticks than the "Front Line". Your dog should be handled from the beginning of March to the beginning of December. The first treatment of the dog can begin at the age of 3 months. When processing clearly follow the instructions. If you doubt that it will be able to handle his dog - contact your veterinarian.

Deworming should be done regularly, once every 4 months and 2 weeks before the planned vaccination. Most of the drugs are sold on the Russian market in the next dosage - 1 tablet per 10 kg; Accordingly, if your dog weighs 15 kg - it needs Table 1.5. if 22kg - 2 + 1/5 Table.

Attention! In the Ukrainian and Russian markets a large number of fakes, so buy veterinary products only in specialized pet shops.

American Bulldog - Dog large. Therefore, it is necessary to walk with at least 3 hours a day. It is necessary to give the dog serious enough exercise.

Recommendations for care

The room, which contains the dog should be clean, spacious, warm place - correspond to the size of the dog and be located away from drafts and heaters. As the litter is useful foam thickness of about 10 cm with removable covers that can be easily washed.

American Bulldog Wash no more than twice a year, but the brushing is carried out regularly. The brush should be of natural bristle and plant fibers. She cleaned all the hair, making one move brush against the grain, the second course and so on until the end of the tail.

If you need to wash the dog still there it is necessary to shut the dog's ears with a cotton swab to ensure that they are not exposed to water. For cleaning use a special shampoo or baby soap. Apply antiparasitic shampoos must be careful, because Allergic reactions are possible. After washing, wipe the dog with a towel and allow hair to dry. In no case can the dog for a walk the first two hours, and in bad weather - as long as possible.

During the summer, explore the ears and the dog's coat should be every day, especially after walking in the woods. This examination will allow time to notice ectoparasites. Once a week, the ears should be inspected and cleaned as necessary with a cotton swab moistened with cleaning fluid ears.

As the regrowth of nails trimmed. It is very convenient for this purpose to use a nail clipper (secateurs), it has a limitation which does not allow to injure the vasculature of the claw.

After each walk the dog, it is desirable to wash the feet.

It is necessary to conduct regular deworming growing puppies, adult dogs - before vaccination and viscous. As a preventive measure not less than once every six months. From veterinary drugs most appropriate line "Drontal."

Pregnant and lactating females require additional care. If the second half of pregnancy and feeding puppies accounts for the cold season, the dog needs to be warm and comfortable horse-cloth. It will protect the future mother not only from the cold and damp, but from mastitis. During the period of lactation after each outing bitch wash legs, nipples and stomach with a weak solution of potassium permanganate.

American Bulldog tolerate cold better than heat, so the use of blankets rational only in the cases listed above.

In summer, do not leave your dog in the car for a long time, in a stuffy room, in the sun.

Training and education

Дрессировка и воспитание: 

Begin to train American Bulldog must be from the first day of his stay in the house. It should be immediately designated for the puppy in the house rules of conduct and standards of communication with family members.

Below is a list of the main restrictions for normal-bred American Bulldog. At your discretion, this list may be extended a ban on lying on a sofa, or any other.

1. The dogs are not allowed to bite the owner at all times. You must be adamant - Do you bite the dog in the game or complaining about anything. In any case, the bite should be followed for the punishment. Take the insolent by the collar and lift. Your actions should be accompanied by a reprimand. Not so important, that you will say how important tone. You must not shout, but spoke confidently and acidly. When you see the humility in the eyes of a puppy, be sure to continue the game or, if the conflict occurred during any necessary procedures (wiping paws, cleaning ears, eyes), bring the matter before the end of the pet and praise.

2. The dogs are not allowed to pull the leash. American Bulldog - Dog, has tremendous power. To avoid trouble, it is necessary that the puppy was a child grasped this rule. Encourage your pet if he quietly following you; Teach your puppy to change the rate of movement and stay with you. Any manifestation of independence is necessary to stop the team and jerk the leash.

3. The dogs are not allowed to rely on people's front paws. American Bulldog - not only strong, but also a large dog. Standing on his hind legs, an adult male can put forward on the shoulders of a pretty tall person. Man survives, but the child or the woman a huge dog just tumble down. So do not let your puppy to jump on you, even if he expresses joy or welcome someone from the people. Any such action is necessary to stop the team and flick or leash pulling dog by the collar. Having understanding, caress pet.

4. The dog is forbidden to raise food from the floor or the ground. American Bulldog differ good health, however, the bone from the garbage - not the best food for your pet. Bulldog permissible to eat from a bowl, from the hands of the owner, or in its place. The desire to lift anything edible from the floor or the ground necessary to stop the team and the mechanical action, for example, jerk the leash. If the dog is not on a leash, toss it in anything (sneakers, plastic bottles).

5. The dogs are not allowed to fight with other dogs! American bulldog aggressive and confident. They will not just throw in the brethren. However, lack of proper education, even noble bulldog bully can start and initiate a fight. Do not let your pet growled or snapped at other dogs. It is better if in his circle of communication will include friendly dogs, or the opposite sex. Do not push your Bulldog: it is not necessary in the presence of your pet to play with another dog or a toy to play with two dogs simultaneously.

Training a puppy

A few simple rules you need to know and remember starting the training a puppy:

Approximately twenty-first day of the puppy already well see, hear and smell. From this point of great importance in the development of the animal becomes his environment. At this time, you need as much time to devote to a puppy that he is not only used to human society, but also for the whole life attached to him.

In the next four weeks the brain and nervous system of the puppy begin to actively develop and by the age of seven weeks he was able to perceive the world as an adult dog, except that it lacks experience.

On the 21st day of the puppy appears a pronounced ability to learn (even if to him it is not specifically deal!). What he learns in this period of his life, he will never forget. Unfortunately, this also applies to bad habits, as acquired at this time lacks the character of the dog is almost impossible to eradicate. Never attempt to training a puppy, if you have a bad mood. The puppy is sure to feel your nervousness, and it will affect his training.

If in the course of a class, you have something that does not work and you start to get angry, stop the lesson and join in with other things. To return to training later. Suspend classes, you certainly do not solve the problem, but at least not make it worse. No matter how great the temptation was to straighten out the puppy on the leash, or help to commit any act which he handed to refrain from doing so. Remember that every action causes a reaction. And if the use of force is justified when training adult dogs, the puppy is better to do without the use of force techniques, develop unnecessary stubbornness and depression.

Try to get the puppy to "understand" what you are striving for from him. Catching up on the proposed method below, you'll notice that sometimes your student himself will offer you a variety of interesting situations. Your task is to resolve to fix them or ignore. Suppose we decide to train your puppy to submit paw. Fist while holding a piece of goodies kept at ground level. Puppy sniffs fist - no reward. Puppy sits in anticipation of what was coming next. Have patience, your puppy realize that it does not give him no reward. It can bring a voice - over any remuneration.

Finally, he tries to uncover his paw fingers clenched into a fist - and receive instant reward. Lapa filed - the remuneration received. From this point on it is this action should be rewarded every time.

Find a suitable fee-treat. The main condition of our training is to reward the puppy have seen that it can get if it is to carry out the command. If the kind of compensation is excessive arousal, ability to learn will be inhibited and you do not get the desired result. In the case where the interest is absent, motivation simply not work. Offering a reward should be attractive enough to hold all the attention the puppy to its owner without undue excitement that will only distract the puppy.

Your lessons should be short, but effective. Do not engage with a puppy more than 5-10 minutes at a time. The most effective mode of training, in short sessions several times a day.

Serve team cheerful reassuring voice. Smooth, devoid of emotion, or a very soft voice, sometimes it may be appropriate when dealing with already trained dogs. Puppy, on a voice just will not respond. Remember that your voice and behavior for the puppy should be more interesting than everything that surrounds it. And further. The most common of the mistakes is draining many words commands into one long, strange pup word:
KomneKomneKomneKomneKomne. Speak commands, slightly growing agivaya-to-speech, and in any case not squeeze them, and no scribbling like a machine gun.