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Information and History

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American Pit Bull Terrier comes from England and Ireland. In these countries, this breed originated. The ancestors of the modern breed pit bull terriers were similar to the Bulldogs, which in England was used to fighting on special arenas, as well as guards of property and assets. Pretty good dogs showed themselves in the hunt. In the XVI century they were used for hunting big game and very strong.

Yet, in full, to see all the advantages of the breed, and properly managed to cultivate only the Americans. That is why, despite the pedigree breed called the American Pit Bull Terrier.

But some contribution to the development of the breed pit bull terrier was in England. During the time of formation of rocks in England, there was a law, according to which, only aristocrats could hunt in the woods on the big game. Therefore, rootless and the poor segments of society start large dogs intended for such hunting is strictly forbidden to. So, to somehow feed their families, ordinary citizens wound up currently small, but very clever Terriers, who have shown themselves perfectly in the hunt for small game and birds. And the protection of property is often used by the Bulldogs. Subsequently, the two began to cross breed. As a result of the new puppies had the dexterity and strength terrier bulldog. However, since the ban on large size dogs are still present, from the offspring leave only the smallest puppies and actively cultivate this quality in the future.

In the XIX century traced mass migration of Irish and English in America. Many of them brought with them their pets, which subsequently allowed to breed and spread across America. When the representative of the breed pit bull terriers first came to America is not known. But many researchers are inclined to think that it happened in the XVIII century.

The ferocity and fearlessness pit bull terrier chained them to the attention of local residents. And the Irish this interest even more heated up, bringing from their homeland, there already had time to become illegal dog fighting. By the way, the name of the pit, where the dogs were fighting "pit" and went to console the name of the breed. Americans have embraced with enthusiasm it is fun and active for quite some time to develop it.

Such high interest in fighting led to the fact that the breed is very well developed and protected. There is a "pure" line, which is strictly guarded by other blood infusion. Many breeders have switched exclusively to the development of pit bull terriers. But the main problem at the time was that the official race time and was not recognized. There was not even a specific name. In each area the dogs were called differently. Assessing the scope and future prospects of this situation, some fans began to rock the hard way to the identity of pit bull terrier.

One of those fans was John Colby. This Irishman foster the development and recognition of the breed. He specifically brought pit bull terrier clean lines from their homeland and crossed them with other lines. Such actions have caused outrage from other breeders. At that time it was believed that pure line (dogs with red noses) must be developed separately and krovosmeshanie unacceptable. But Colby immediately realized that if we develop the breed only within the same line, will necessarily negative aspects that lead to unpleasant consequences, and degeneration.

Over time, the position of Colby was correct. He vyel breed a new level and became the owner of several well-known champions of a fighting ring. At the same time representatives of the red-rock is not valued so highly. But before the official recognition and uniform standard it was still far off.

Taking methods as a basis for John Colby, American Pit Bull Terrier began to develop a variety of breeders from all over America. They strongly sought recognition of the breed, but so FCI them and condescended.

Having received support from the FCI, fans have created their own breed. ADBA, as it is called, is a worldwide association of amateurs pit bull terriers. She leads all studbooks breed, strongly promotes and develops the breed. Further on it is also holding competitions Veit-Pulling, who came to replace the banned canine fights.

Today pitbulbterer very popular breed. These dogs give birth as bodyguards, guards, companions and even starred in the film. But the popularity of this breed is inherent only in certain countries. In many European countries it is considered illegal pit bull terrier, or subject to severe restrictions. For example, in Germany, in order to start a pit bull terrier need permission from the police. This dog is immediately sterilized. And in Australia, illegal puppy mills of this breed.

Breed standard

Стандарт породы: 

Although the most important organization canine breed APBT is not recognized, but for her standards developed by two organizations involved in the registration of pit bulls: ADBA and UKC. 2 These standards reflect different views of the management organization for the breed. In the first case it is considered to be the main purpose of dog fighting, and that purpose is subject to their exterior. Standard of UKC longer close to show fellow pit bull - American Staffordshire Terrier.

Standard of ADBA:

Outside the pit bull impression of confident strength and good health. Shiny hair, gaze, reflecting the strength of mind, smartness sports - is the face of the pit bull. Relief muscles prevents obesity, adult pit bulls even some are thin with slightly protruding ribs.

Type of head allows different options. If you look at your dog from above or from the side, the head is wedge-shaped, tapering to the nose a few. When viewed from the front, the head appears round. Well developed nose bridge line under the eyes is wider than the line of the ears. Scissor bite preferred, teeth are closed, his lips close fitting to the jaws. His eyes are in the shape of an ellipse. Ears may be cropped.

The neck is muscular and long.

The skin is elastic, thick, tight to the body, the neck and the chest has folds.

Chest deep and moderately broad. The chest tapers to the bottom and does not have to be round or cylindrical.

Important waist length, which should not be too short or too long, which affects agility dog.

The forelegs are muscular shoulders, the length of which is slightly wider than the thorax.

Hind legs are feathered thighs, which are at an angle of 30 ° to the horizontal. Thigh muscle has good and filling. The bones of the hind limbs thinner, which affects the flexibility of the dog, and the muscles they are longer, which allows you to make energetic movements.

The feet are small and well-assembled with elastic pads of paws.

The tail is low set, thicker at the base, along the length slightly shorter than the hock.

Short and stiff hair should shine.

Almost any color acceptable, except for the following: Albinism and merle.

Standard UKC:

American Pit Bull Terrier - a powerful, athletic dog. Strong bones, muscles relief combined with the graceful mobility, the dog should not look overweight and obese. The body slightly longer than height at withers. The dog is energetic, interested in life, has a confident force and must not be aggressive to humans.

The head is large, but does not cause a feeling of imbalance in relation to the body. The head has a clear shape, the shape of a blunt wedge, eyebrows well developed. The length of the face and skull are related as 2: 3.

Well developed lower jaw. Scissor bite is desirable.

The nose with open nostrils, nose may have a different pigmentation.

Eyes Set on low and wide apart. Invalid blue eyes.

The ears are set on high, can be cropped or uncropped.

Neck muscular, without dewlap.

The back is strong and durable with a slightly sloping topline. Robust and short loins, gently sloping croup.

[American Pit Bull Terrier] The forelegs are strong, perpendicular to the surface. The distance between them is moderately broad. The blade and upper arm are roughly the same length.

Hind legs strong and muscular, set wide apart. Hocks are well-defined edges.

Tail continues the line of natural top, tapering to the tip.

The coat is shiny, smooth, dense. Coat color is varied.

Weight males - 15.9-27,2 weight females - 13,6-22.7

Height at withers males - 40-42 cm, females 2-3 cm less.

The painting by Rubens, relating to the 16th century, depicting scenes of hunting wild boar with dogs is very similar to the modern American pit bull terriers.



Current public opinion is very favorably to fighting dog, epitomized by the American Pit Bull Terrier. Each person can make a conclusion about the nature of this breed only when acquainted with her, taking a little puppy, and nourished him. For many years breeders main characteristic of the breed was considered the ability and readiness for battle, the so-called "game". But at the same aggression to man was unacceptable was the reason for the disqualification of the dog.

Therefore, in the nature of American Pit Bull Terrier is not inherent aggressiveness towards people, but on the other hand in spite of the breed targeted at educating developing quite quickly. If the owner of a pit bull aims to obtain a reliable companion for an active life, this breed is perfectly cope with this role. Natural power and energy makes pit bulls are very inquisitive, they are ready every moment to learn and explore the world. This is a very active dogs that love when they were playing active games, they are ready to follow its owner everywhere and obey his commands.

We can say that it creates a character pitbultererov its owner, so it is often found opposing views on the nature of these dogs. From pit bull terrier can be grown as a vicious dog is a danger to surrounding people, and peaceful and curious companion who will get along very well with everyone. Especially important is the age of the children for becoming future character, at this time should not be allowed traumatic psyche of factors.

The character of an adult dog is stable. They are aware of their strength, self-confident, but do not aspire to superiority over the host, on the contrary, they show their willingness to constantly bring him benefit. This cheerful dog, whose childlike playfulness and combined with care and prudence wise dog. Of course, the best of nature pit bulls show only with proper education and training.

The present record holder
Champion veytpullingu American Pit Bull Terrier is brought in Guinness Book of Records for being hauled cargo to 100 times the mass of his body - 1, 7 tons.

Care and maintenance

Care for Pit Bull Terrier is not too time-consuming, it is a healthy and hardy dog ​​that very rarely gets sick and well tolerated in all conditions. However, you must keep your pet clean, in addition, it is important to organize the paddock and staying at home. These animals are more suitable for a detached house, and their plant-circuited unacceptable because it can lead to excessive aggressiveness. If you live in a city apartment, you will need to take care of a quiet place for walking.

How to care for pit bull terrier?

Since the pit bull terrier refers to the short-haired breeds, promote good hygiene difficult. Dogs do not need to bathe regularly, it is enough to wash the feet after walking in wet weather. Total bathe her only with strong pollution. However, many pit bull terriers love to swim in the open water and the rush themselves to water. During molting hair comb is necessary to ensure the rapid removal of dead hair and skin particles.

Be sure to periodically nails cut special tool. Claws are usually worn down when walking on asphalt, but if the dog often walks in the parks and on special sites, regrown nails can deliver a lot of inconvenience. A puppy should be accustomed to this procedure from an early age, so that later no problems.

Caring for a puppy pit bull terrier necessarily involves periodic cleaning of the teeth with special means, as well as cleaning ears with cotton sticks. The ears should always be kept clean and should be dry. In the corners of the eyes may appear a small amount of mucus, clean it gently with a cotton pad. If it appears too much, you should contact your veterinarian.

Pit Bull Terrier Breed: content in the house

If you are going to keep the pit bull terrier in a house or apartment, it is necessary to organize a calm corner for rest and sleep in peace. The best solution would be spacious cell, which can be purchased at a pet store. This animal can not be locked and use the cell as a punishment; it should be a area of ​​peace and security.

With a small pit bull terrier age are taught to obey, he must clearly understand who is his master, and execute commands without question. To achieve this is simple, as this breed was formed a long time just for human interaction: pitbull easily understand the mood of the host and will try to earn the promotion.

You must advance to find a good place for walking: it is still a fairly large dog, causing concern among passers-by, so you need to find a quiet uncrowded area. It is necessary to accustom the puppy to the collar and leash, and it is necessary to ensure that he did not pull the leash while walking, and quietly followed wherever the owner goes. This is very important as pit bull terriers have great physical strength and unseasoned to keep an adult dog will be extremely difficult.

It is born hunters, so all the small animals they perceive as prey. It is best to find a place for walking, where there are no cats and rats, moreover, need to patiently teach the puppy to friendly communication with other dogs. Pit Bull Terrier requires a high motor activity, it needs a lot of space to run and play. The game - the best form of habituation to the teams and to the owner, so do not neglect workouts. A useful physical exercise becomes an obstacle course, a pit bull also happy running over a variety of subjects.

Train a pit bull to the calm interaction with people and other animals is not so difficult, but the training will have to devote a lot of time. You should not start a dog, if you can not give it enough time.

Training and education

Дрессировка и воспитание: 

According to the observations of dog handlers and trainers in training American Pit Bull Terrier is easy to learn the various commands and perform complex tasks. This is facilitated by natural curiosity and liveliness.

To begin with it is recommended to go OKD (General training) to teach the dog to obedience. After that, for the owner of the pit bull is opened many opportunities for the development of abilities your pet. As practice shows, the representatives of this breed successfully cope with the teams of course PCL (guard dog). During the development of this course is developed for the pit bull is a very important skill - the ability to control his aggression, and the owner is learning to control your dog.

It should be noted that it is not recommended to pay too much attention is the development of aggression against a person. Became this path pit bull terrier is very dangerous to others. It is not always easy bites, but as an experienced fighter instinctively chooses vital place. Add to that the destructive force of its bite, and you will understand how dangerous accustomed to the aggressive behavior of a pit bull.

His aggressiveness goes many horror stories, but according to statistics pitbull attacks are no more than 10% of the total number of dog attacks on humans. Such a wide public resonance is caused by the devastating effects of an attack pitbull. Bad for the image of the role played by rocks and some owners who deliberately give birth pit bulls as bodyguards and mindlessly poison their people, frightening all around.

Fortunately, there are other fans of this breed, pit bull terriers which open on the other side. They participate with them in fun competitions: agility (obstacle course at the time), veytpulling (towing weights) springpol (hovering on the rope), dog-Pulling (tug of war). These entertainment events are becoming more widespread and are the growth in popularity of the breed.

Care and maintenance of pit bull terrier

American Pit Bull Terrier - it is unpretentious dog care is simple. The main thing is to ensure a balanced diet, which affects the formation of physique and health of the dog. A simple rule of feeding for active dogs - is to choose foods that have high energy value. No need to feed the dog only meat in her diet should be vegetable ingredients, but the meat is the main source of protein, which are necessary for the growth and development of dogs and for immunity.

Boiled meat is digested worse and lose much of their nutritional value, but the crude product can be dangerous because of the presence of parasites in it. If you are confident in the quality of meat, then let it raw - if not slightly cooked. Useful and dairy products other than milk, which contains proteins and fats.

There are many examples of the diet of the dog, which take into account the calorie and other important features. It can be taken as a basis one of such schemes. Some owners prefer to use ready-made dry or canned food. This breed can manifest allergic reactions to certain food ingredients.

To all the work on drawing up a balanced menu is not in vain, it is necessary to give the dog anthelmintic drugs for treatment and as prophylaxis.

The rest of the care of the American Pit Bull Terrier is very simple. Bathe it should be an average of 1 every six months, about once a week and clean the ears vychёsyvat. The dog gets along well in an apartment, provided sufficient physical activity.